Increase sales and reduce product returns
with SizeWise

Smartphones come in all shapes and sizes.
Show your customers exactly what they’re buying with our size comparison feature.

80% of users say they better understand the size of a phone with credit card size comparison.

When we asked for the first thing users look at when comparing phones, 82% said ‘size’. Understanding the size of a device gives shoppers more confidence when shopping online.

Likewise, not getting enough information can force them to move away from your site and shop elsewhere. This is inconvenient for the user and can be frustrating for you as you watch precious traffic move to other destinations.

This is why we’ve created a credit card size comparison. Credit cards are the same size all around the globe, and almost everyone has one in their pocket; you can’t do better for an accessible, universal measuring tool.

Our size comparison integrates seamlessly with our existing Engage 3D service and gives your customers the information they need to make a confident purchase decision.

With Engage 3D and SizeWise together, our customers saw:

Higher average time on site

Higher conversion rate and overall sales

Fewer product returns

Lower bounce rate

When asked if 3D with size comparison helped them learn something about the product, 70% of users said they learned a lot.

It’s a pleasure working with the team from Binkies 3D as they are always ready to tailor their solutions to meet our needs. Credit card comparison results can only confirm that and I’m sure that we will continue this partnership long in the future.

Tadej Kovačič

Product Manager – E-Commerce | A1 Slovenija​

With 3D size comparison:


Number of transactions per user


Average time spent on site


Number of pages viewed per user

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